Books and Catalogues
  Richard Caldicott, Galerie f5,6 / London Art Fair, 2010  
  The Edge of Vision:The Rise of Abstraction in Photography Lyle Rexer, Aperture, 2009
ISBN 978-1-59711-1003
  Richard Caldicott, Script. Galerie f5,6 Munich 2007  
  Richard Caldicott, Loop. Goss Gallery, Dallas 2005  
  Concrete Photography: Sammlung Peter c. Ruppert, Museum im Kulturspeicher Wurzburg, 2005/6  
  Concrete Photography / Konkrete Fotografie - Gottfried J├Ąger. Kerber Verlag 2005
ISBN 3-936646-74-0
  Richard Caldicott, Hamiltons, London 2004  
  Richard Caldicott, Insert. Hamiltons, London 2004  
  Optic Nerve: Abstract Colour Photography. Wolsey Art Gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich 2003
ISBN 0 906688 39 6
  Richard Caldicott, Hamiltons, London, 2002  
  Lautlose Gegenwart: Das Stilleben in der zeitgenossischen Fotografie. Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden + Bielefelder Kunstverein 1999-2000
ISBN 3-925521-59-3
  Richard Caldicott, Hamiltons, FIAC, 1999  
  Richard Caldicott, Hamiltons, Art|30|Basel, 1999  
  Richard Caldicott, Hamiltons, Paris Photo, 1998  
  Richard Caldicott, Hamiltons, ArtBrussels, 1998  
  Richard Caldicott - Christopher Muller: On the Entity of Objects, Kunstmuseum Bonn, 1997
ISBN 3-929790-19-X
Articles and Reviews
  Full House, Brad Goldfarb, Architectural Digest, March 2013  
  Progressive Permutations: works on paper by Richard Caldicott
Derek Horton 2011
  The Things They Are, Derek Horton, Art of England, 2009  
  The Drawbridge, Issue 10, 2009  
  Richard Caldicott, Die Kunst des Minimalen, PHOTO International, 2007  
  The Occasion of an Unfolding, Lyle Rexer, art on paper, March/April 2005  
  Richard Caldicott, Ariel Meyerowitz Gallery - Martha Schwendener, Artforum, March 2002  
  About the Cover, Jean Dykstra, Photography in New York International, January/February 2002  
  Fantastic Plastic, Sabine Rothman, House & Garden, October 2000  
  Rose-Tinted Receptacles, Jonathan Bell, Wallpaper, September 1999  
  The sensory eloquence of still-life photography, Richard Pinsent, The Art Newspaper, May 1999  
  Richard Caldicott, Gianni Romano, Zoom, May/June 1993  
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